Born to Derive (to the tune of Springsteen’s “Born to Run”)

In the day we sweat out in math class of  an over priced Ivy League school

At night we derive in  the castles of ivory using TI 89 machines

Sprung from Trig out of classroom nine

Head filled with golden circles and finding slopes of tangent lines

H-Oh Trekkie this class rips the tomes from  backpacks

It’s a sleep trap, a grade killing rap

We gotta get out while we’re awake

‘Cause nerds like us, trekkie, we were born to derive

Yes, Spock we were

Erdos, I’ll let you in, I want to be your friend

I want to share your dreams and visions

Let me wrap my head around your axioms

Drink coffee and ingest dexatrim

Together we could publish a paper

We’ll derive till we drop, maybe we’ll never take a bath

H-Oh Will you collaborate   while my brain’s on fire

‘Cause Erdos I’ll never be a Rhoades scholar

But I want to know how it feels

To publish with you in a  math journal

An Erdos number of one is a big deal!

Come Trekkie, I’ll show you

During midterm break Miller powered  freshmen scream down the dorm room halls

Girls comb through books on Boolean Logic

And the boys try their best to catch up

In the  Science Quad near Bronfman Hall

Kids are huddled at chem tables in the mist

I want to derive with you trekkie in  Clark Hall tonight

It’ll be everlasting bliss

Three point one four!

Walkways jammed with hopeful frosh hiding last year’s stolen exams

Everybody’s all worried about finals week

‘Cause there’s no study cubes left to hide in

Tonight we will pray for a small integer lattice

We will soon crave a C with all the madness in our souls

H-Oh someday soon, I don’t know when

We’re gonna get to that place

Where we’re so smart we will glow

When we walk in the sun

But till then nerds like us

Trekkie, we were born to derive

Set your phaser to fun,

Trekkie we were born to derive

Beam me up Scottie,

Nerds like us

Trekkie,  we were born to derive