Growing up           to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s Growin Up

I woke up stone-cold at midnight, remembering  my teacher’s accolades

I rewrote that poem til it was just right, then commanded the night to fade.

I was open to pain, it crushed like a train, I used music like a crooked crutch

I strolled all alone through that fall out zone and came out with my soul uncrushed

I hid from the shrouded wrath of my Mom, when she said  ”Go to bed” I stayed up

Oooh… growin up

The pangs of anxiety grew in my breast, my mind raced from thing to thing

I had a jukebox junkie for a first mate, he wasn’t shallow but he sure could cling

I flew B-52’s to bomb away the blues, but my fears were stubborn  notwithstanding

I broke all  the rules, skipped Bio class in high school but my grades were always outstanding

I hid from my family’s wrath like a dog, when they said “Sit  straight” I hunched up

Ooh Growing up

I took month long vacations in the stratosphere

Cause you know it’s really hard to deal with death

I swear I lost everything I ever loved or cared for,

I was the tragic kid at the high school home room desk

But my soul it finally discovered  its worth

And I got me a nice little God in the stars

I swear I found the key to the universe

Sharing my story in an old parked car

I hid in the motherly breast of AA

When they said to listen I shut up

Oooh…. Growing up

Ooooh… Growing up