I Came to School       to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s  “I Came for You”

College brochures they send me, with their regards

MIT classes. they beckon me, to go there you have to work hard

Wading deep in Shakespeare, I read stuff like Franz Kafka undaunted,

Of that cockroach man, I’ll dream all night, for that AP score I wanted.

But they let my money lack get in the way of these facts

Who could get the bill collectors off my parents’ back?

They couldn’t give me tens of thousands to cover my tab

They said “Here’s an old ratty car and a new backpack”

But that’s not what I came for, and I’m sure you see that too.

I aimed for A’s in math, biology too

But they made me take gym so I got a C

I loved Plato and Socrates, Euripedes too,

But they made  me read drivel unfit for MTV

But ninth grade science encouraged me

To experiment with electricity

Crawl into the ambulance, your pulse is getting weak

Tell the EMT what you’ve done tonight, while you’ve got the strength to speak

You mixed lithium and flourine –  you should have worn an oxygen mask

You heated  strontium and sulfur in an Erlenmeyer flask

So don’t call for your surgeon, even he says it’s too late,

It’s not your lungs this time, chemical reactions sealed your fate.

Give the doctor that antimony, honey he will take it back

To your chemistry teacher and tell him all the facts

Now even Yankee Nuclear wants their pitchblende back,

It’s only a little radioactive, that’s just a chemical fact

Didn’t you think that I knew that you were born with a brain like a locomotive

Able to solve huge equations in a single step?

And you read all the classics with no apparent motive

They weren’t even assigned in AP  college prep

And your strength is devastating in the face of all these odds

Remember how you kept me laughing, when it was your turn to question God?

You were not quite so proud when I found you praying on the beach

Remember how you begged for an A in chem, but only a B+ was in your reach

And your SAT math and English were 6 hundred and 6 twenty five

Those Ivy league dream killing scores, they still cling to you like a leach

But that medal you got from NHS always got in the way

Of your dream that  the rocker boy  with you one day would stay

You were both hitchhikers, but he had his ear tuned to the roar

Of  a Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom playing an alien discordant chord

So you left to find a better reason than the guitar he was drooling for

And it’s not your nihilist poetry  I came back for

It’s not the way your math  books are scattered on the floor

“Cause I’ve broken down your defences and rammed through all your walls

So who am I to ask you to open up your door?

But you should know the truth

I live for school you fool

I’m not dating you

Until I’m a sophomore in college

I love only school you tool

I’m not dating you

I’d much rather increase my knowledge

Of chem and Latin and Physics

Calculus and Greek history too