Magnificent imploring to the tune of “Magnificent Outpouring” by Gordon Lightfoot

It is said that all the good ideas

Must come to him who can derive

No need to calculate

For as surely as insight’s delayed

And common sense one might display

The pencils and the pens

That’s where the work begins

With my magnificent imploring

Of that old familiar quarry

God’s been begged a million times

To seed a million minds

There are times that I have told you

That we must use erasers

to try to work kinks out

‘Cause if I can’t do math everyday

Then I will waste my life away

So I do it when I can

And try to understand

With my magnificent imploring

It’s that old familiar story

I’ve asked God a million times

To aid my questing mind

Let’s solve complex equations like any  game

To give up now would really be a sin

For as surely as this class must end

I shall be waiting ‘til next spring


To study math again

And I’ll be happy then

To hear your magnificent outpouring

Of  math concepts that we’re exploring

It’s been taught a million times

To eager math loving minds

With their magnificent imploring

Please no math quiz without warning

It’s been asked a million times

To ease a freshman’s mind