We’ll Sign You Up Tonight                              to the tune of  “Goin’ Up” by Great Big Sea

Well, come gather all around me

There is something you should know

There is no place quite like this place

If there’s knowledge you must know

So, pile your books up in the corner

Place  your backpack on the floor

There’s twenty students in the math lab

And there’s always room for more

Oh-oh-oh Come on now

See your world in a whole new light

Oh-oh-oh Come on  I tell you now

We can  sign you up tonight

Well they’ll be magic all around you

You should see the way it feels

Come on off the B bus

Up to Melville

BCC’s for real!

With Barry Bradway teaching Physics

You’ll do experiments so sweet

While   Mill Corby’s Freshman English

Will knock you off your feet

Oh-oh-oh Come on now

Taconic High don’t hide

Oh-oh-oh Come on  I tell you now

Let’s sign you up tonight